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 Заголовок сообщения: On January 1, 949, when the
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On January 1, 949, when the Chinese watch was draped in the dawn, when the majestic Tiananmen Gate ushered in a new round of the sun, when countless martyrs reddish the red five-star red flag in Tiananmen Square, the great leader Chairman Mao Hongliang The voice spread throughout the world: the People's Republic of Central was established! The Chinese people have stood up since then! At this moment Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, China, a resounding name; a name that shocked the world; a name that made countless Chinese children proud and proud, was born. Hundreds of millions of people are excited about this exciting day. The Eastern "Lion" who has been asleep futy and deep love of our nation. She is like a noble and graceful lady: the Great Wall is a gorgeous gold necklace; the Daxinganling of Yulinhai is her pretty colorful dress, her golden ring, the jewel of Taishan stone; Zhang Jiajie City, her golden crown. The four inventions made her brilliant and splendid; Confucius Laozi made her famous; silk porcelain made her shine in the world Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The flood of the big and the flood, the world, the third is not for the sake of her; Qu Yuan is full of anger and enthusiasm, and is dedicated to the Luo River, for her; countless scientists, artists, and writers donate their wisdom and talene old motherland was too unbearable to look back Online Cigarettes. When the iron hoof of the aggressor trampled on the body of the motherland, when the imperialist artillery shelled the door of the motherland and countless people were killed, the Chinese people finally understood the meaning of "being lagging behind" and the excellence of a large number of Chinese people. The children began to rise up against it. Mr. Sun Yat-sen began planning the strategy of governing the country in the dark; Mao Zedong supported the flesh and bones of the nation in the barren land; Deng Xiaoping magnified the vicissitudes of the cousins ??and guided the troubled motherland to walk through the storms of the century... The common efforts of the people, taking responsibility for safety in one day, and going forward, have set off the sun for Mingyao's motherland to the socialist road for the long-night-stricken China. Today, who dares not to marvel at the tremendous progress and rapid development of China's science and technology? Who does not admire the bravery of Chinese athletes on the Olympics? Who dares to say that Taiwan is not China's territory? Whether it is the success of Shenzhou No. 7 or the gold medal on the Olympic gold medal list, whether it is hundreds of millions of years to fight the floods and snow, or the earthquake relief efforts of tback: a nation must be independent and develop. It requires not only a solid material foundation, but also a strong national self-confidence and self-respect Marlboro Red 100S, and a more national spirit. The Yellow River is flowing in our blood, and the Great Wall keeps us strong forever. The "Shenzhou" manned spacecraft makes our world infinitely broad. "Unity and unity, peace-loving Cigarettes For Sale, self-improvement", inheriting the national spirit of 5,000 years, is waiting for us to carry forward and make our tomorrow more brilliant. For the prosperity of the motherland and the prosperity of the nation, we will use the passion to ignite the fire of hope and use the youthful sweat to water the flowers of success. The future belongs to us, the world belongs to us, let us study hard, work hard, and always be prepared to work hard for the great development of the Chinese nation.

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