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 Заголовок сообщения: ere is a song that sings like this
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ere is a song that sings like this: "On the banyan tree by the pond, I know that the sound is called summer. On the swing of the playground, only the butterfly is resting on it. The teacher's chalk on the blackboard is still screaming How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Waiting After class, waiting for school, waiting for the game childhood..." This song reminds hen I was 6 years old, I was watching "Doraemon". I remember that one episode was that Dad��s father buried the bear��s pocket money and gave him a picture to find. I was in a whim and wanted to bury something. What is ailure is the mother of success! I carefully considered and found that the big bear had buried his father, and it was buried the same day. I brought ten yuan, I was about to bury it. A brother who loves to play a mischief s! I suddenly realized that I had buried 100 yuan. Just as I was still gimmicking, I heard a grandfather: "Grow melons and melons, and grow beans." Isn't that what kind of thing? Haha, I want to be a little rich! I dismissed the idea of ??digging money today. Instead, watering every day - the melon is not bad Marlboro Red, because it is watered every day; then the money will not be rotten every day! I also gambled with my brother for this few months have passed Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and Qian Lian buds have not been sent Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I dug it out and the money is rotten! Three days later is my birthday, my "birthday gift" is - review (150 words, a lot of 150 words in the first grade) Carton Of Newports, I wrote and lamented: "It is really hard for students!" Brother grotesquely imitated a Wu Meizhen The words: h! h, our bet..." Brother smirked. I am angry, let's review and tear it up. My brother called: "There are still a few words to finish writing. What are you doing to tear it?" I have some feelings of crying and tears, and my brother is also exempt from gambling. I suddenly felt wrong: I am a whole person but I am careful not to be fooled by the whole prank brother. How did I agree to gamble so quickly? Be sure to know in advance!
Goodbye when I was young, I know you. The fresh dreams are ripe. The wind is recitation, the bell of the class, the time goes quietly. The fresh dreams are ripe. The evening glows, not the silhouette mottled. The old fence is outside , quietly encircle the contours of the future." Music did not know when to change es! Can't just think about it, but also face reality. Unconsciously, I have grown up. The feeling now is the joy of growing up, the goodbye to childhood.

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