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 Заголовок сообщения: The New Year is a new beginning.
СообщениеДобавлено: 05 ноя 2018, 05:50 
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The New Year is a new beginning. People like to make a summary of the year. They will sum up what happened in this year, and they will make a plan for the new year. On the New Year's Day team class, our class is holding the theme class of "My New Year Wish". Teacher Wang talked with us about the wishes of the New Year. Teacher Wang said happily: "My New Year's wish is to have more free time to play football, because I feel that my skills are getting worse after work."e students also said that they opened, and some said that the biggest wish of the New Year is to have a computer, and some say that they most want to learn to swim, while others say that they hope that their parents can reconcile. What is my New Year's wish? I gently asked myself: "I really want to eat KFC once!" Every time I go home from school Marlboro Gold Pack, I pass by there, watching the adults and children sitting and eating happily, I am really envious. But I never dared to go in, although I really want to go in, because I don't have money, I don't dare to ask my mom and dad to ask for money. They came to work from the distant Heilongjiang, and it is not easy for me to go to school. But I really want to taste what KFC is, but how can such a New Year's wish be exported?u Lanyu, what is your New Year's wish?" Teacher Wang asked kindly. "Oh my God, how can I call me!" I felt a sigh in my heart, and my face was red. I dare not speak. Wang Lao Green Yan smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, let's talk about it! Maybe I can satisfy your New Year's wishes." I lowered my head and said softly: "I want to eat KFC!" My voice just fell, the classroom suddenly I laughed loudly Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I heard laughter, regretted it, and lowered my head deeplyher Wang solemnly told everyone to calm down and said: "Is it ridiculous? Is it true that a person's true and beautiful wishes are so ridiculous? Xu Lanyu, you are very brave. After school, Teacher Wang takes you to eat KFC. Satisfy your New Year wishes! What other students have such an idea?" Gu Zhaoyun, Wang Yaqian also raised his hand. Mao Jidi stood up and said, "Do you mean that we can't eat fried foods?" Teacher Wang thought for a moment and said Wholesale Cigarettes, "Just one time! Nothing is more touching than this New Year's wish!"ope that every New Year's Day will be realized. Year��s New Hope, New Year��s New Beginning, New Year is here, everything is new. A large piece of grass was replaced with a golden dress; a giant tree was put on a colorful flower skirt, yellow, red, green, brown Newport 100S, dense, sparse; flowers also Not to be outdone: Lamei has already appeared in the new clothes of the New Year, in vain. flies, snow dolls turn the world into a poetic fairy tale world, white everywhere. Snow, keeps drifting down, who's clothes, falling on the body of the wheat seedlings, accumulating the thoughtful temperature? One after another, many films, who is the companion, and the blessings of love on the snowflake? this snow, the farmer's uncle has a sweet smile on his face, because nothing is more pleasing than the food and clothing Newport Cigarettes Coupons. What about the children? Everyone has piled up a snowman in the square, and everyone is playing hot. There was a big sweat on the face, and there was a happy atmosphere everywhere. Look! One snowman stands on both sides of the square, the children adults are also busy, and your family is steaming your head, and my family is burning meat; the stoves of every household are full of stove ash; the cupboards are full of big fish and big meat...the evening, the sound of ��ade the calm night lively. This firecracker, the fireworks, the black lacquered night sky opened with colorful flowers: chrysanthemums. Aonger sad... We will face the new year again, face new hope

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