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During the summer vacation, I read a book called "Spring of Cherry Ditch". The story mainly talked about: Qingming just passed, laughing cat family left Cuihu Park and left the small poor grave. When I came to Wanglong Mountain, I saw the innocent cherry ditch, came to the grandfather��s house of Ma Xiaoyue Cheap Cigarettes, and met the industrious farmer--the grandfather of Ma Xiaoyue; the old-fashioned old lady, Ma Xiaoyue��s grandmother; a cool A pig that runs like a wind - a black whirlwind; one who sings "After Kangkang" and "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau", will also imitate the roar of the fighters - a brother-in-law; a dog who cares for nothing - ��A Huang; a female white geese who is loyal to the door but has no regrets; a cat who has a lovesickness �C Ah Hei. Since then, I have walked into one fun story... Each character in the story has a spirit of persistence, and because of persistence, they have realized their own ideals. reading this story, I feel very deeply. We should be an optimistic and positive person, be a person with ideals and goals, and do everything. All the animals in this story know how to persist, and all animals are persistent. Such as: Ah Hei, every day and every night, he insists on Xiaobai and his own children; the black whirlwind goes out early every night, insists on his own flying dreams; A Huang insists on nosy; Tian Ge insists on imitating the roar of fighters ...... Because they insisted Marlboro Cigarettes, they all succeeded. Ah Hei and Xiao Bai reunited and found their own children. The black whirlwind successfully flew up with the help of other children such as Little Africa. A Huang is busy every day Marlboro Lights, successful. Helping the giant pandas to kiss each other and help the black reunion, the elder brother succeeded in driving away the sharp-nosed birds that destroyed the "big purple red"... Everything is expensive, as long as we persist, we will succeed if we work hard. "Spring of Cherry Ditch" has taught me a lot of truth. If all the books are a delicious meal, then this book is a bowl of "spirit chicken soup." Nourish my heart and accompany my childhood. I am a sixth grader. When I was in fourth grade, I had a serious illness. I spent a lot one day, we left school in advance. I walked back home with my classmates. When I got to the door, I heard that my parents were quarreling and divorcing. I was scared, I was really scared. I rushed into the house and cried and said, "Mom Dad, don't you divorce. I will study hard in the future. I won't be obedient. I will not spend money anymore." "You don't want to leave me." Mom saw me crying like this and said to me, "We don't divorce." But Mom and Dad still sleep in separate beds, and Dad doesn't come back all night. I really believe it. I was really obedient this year. I didn��t spend money and study hard, but I didn��t like to talk very much, and I was not active. During the Chinese New Year, our family went to the grandmother's house for the New Year. My father bought me a lot of clothes and things I liked Marlboro Red. I have been staying at my grandmother's house.day I got up and found that my mother was gone, I was afraid, I ran to my father's house barefoot and found that my father was gone. I asked my grandmother: "Grandma, where is my mom and dad?" Grandma��s eyes slouched and said: "Granddaughter, they go shopping, come back tomorrow, and bring gifts to you." I know my parents are divorced. But I still lie to myself, Mom and Dad really go shopping for gifts. After a while, Grandma suddenly said: "Granddaughter, you said that my father is good or my mother is good." I heard the excitement and said: "They are all good, our family is always together." ran to the house, silently flowing Tears, I want to find a mobile phone to call a friend to talk about my own affairs, maybe it will be better. I rummaged. Suddenly, I saw a piece of paper behind the cupboard. I opened him and saw that the words "divorce agreement" deeply hurt my eyes. I didn't ch, the next day, Mom and Dad came back and bought me a big bear. I said to you, I will go to school at my grandmother's house in the future. This environment is better, I understand it as soon as I hear it. After the school started, my parents left, and my mother often called me, but my father didn��t call often, even if I played, it would be a few minutes. I didn't cry either. It just changed, and it became ugly to be myself. It was hypocritical and hor high school, my father called me and said that he and his mother divorced Marlboro Gold. I didn��t talk. After a while, I said that my father would like to ask a few words to hang up. This time I really didn��t. Hold back, crying in the room, crying for a day, I promised, no longer let myself cry, and since then, I have. Knowing that when I grew up, my father took me away, and I loved it very much, but I was a little happy.

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