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5 minutes", how many countless 5 minutes in our lives. But a special test of 5 minutes gave me inspiration.On that day, Mr. Hu took a stack of papers in his hand and walked into the classroom with a smile Cigarettes Cheaper. Mysteriously said: "We are going to have a 5 minute test right now."As soon as I heard it, my heart was guilty: God, 5 minutes? I can't finish it withfirst grade paper. can't think of it, Teacher Hu has already separated the test paper. As soon as I took the test paper, my heart pounded, and I didn't even write the class or name. I was prepared to do the first question regardless of the three seven twenty-one. "The first question is: Please read the subject carefully." I am secretly happy: haha, this question does not need to write. I quickly read the second question, "Please write to class, name." This is too simple, wait until you write. Then, the second, third... questions have been completed by me one by one. I looked at the watch: Oops, the time is coming, and when I look at the volume, I still have more than half of it. The more I think about it, the more nervous I am, the hand holding the pen can't help but tremble.uddenly, Teacher Hu called out: "5 minutes to stop," I was shocked by a sweat. "This is finished, the duck is the head, not eating." Teacher Hu looked at the students' papers and smiled and said: "Only The two students completed the test paper as required. When you look at the last question, you know what the reason is." I listened, and quickly looked at the last question, and was shocked: "Oh, I just have to do one or two questions!" Teacher Hu nodded. understand: In life, no matter what you do, you must carefully and carefully look at it again, otherwise you will suffer.animals. There are great love, friendship and affection in the book. This is a picture full of love.ove is beautiful. Animals have male and female points, but there is no difference in one heart for each other's heart Marlboro Menthol 100S. When a female animal has a child, because the hunger is very uncomfortable, the male animal can bite his leg to feed the wife, completely ignoring his own pain. Love, meticulous.dship is happy. Animals also have friendships. For friends, it can use life to exchange friends' smiles. Look at me, my friends often cry helplessly, but I can't do anything, I can only stand by.ith miracles. There is a mother of reindeer, in order to survive the child, regardless of the danger of life to fight with the dog Parliament Cigarettes, and later, the daughter also took others as mothers Marlboro Cigarettes Price, until the real mother died, it wakes up. I know a friend in life, her mother died young, she has a stepmother. Her stepmother was pregnant, but she didn't like her stepmother Marlboro Red 100S. One day she had a fever. Her stepmother hurriedly sent her to the hospital. Later, her stepmother had a miscarriage. She called out "Mom" in an unprecedented way! a lot of love is around, "Listening to the Song of Life" makes me understand that even a small grass in life, a flower is also emotional.

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